Thursday, July 10, 2008

Helping the Economy

I haven't taken any new pictures recently, so I thought I'd post this one of Sydney on the 4th. She has more personality than any one child deserves!
I seem to be in a shopping groove lately that doesn't end. Like quilts, one thing just seems to lead to another. I recently got the new Gwen Marston (Collaborative Quilting) book in the mail which inspired me to pick up some black and white fat quarters while they were on sale. Then I ordered a running book on Amazon and remembered that the other Gwen Marston (Liberated Strings) book was still in my cart. I think I got a deal on shipping because my order was over $25. Today was a housekeeper day so I was out killing time with Ryan. We ended up at Walmart because there aren't that many places to hang out at 8 in the morning. I was only shopping for sale stuff, but ended up with a cart full of clearance summer clothes for the kids and a few more school supplies to cross off the list. By then AC Moore was open, and they are having a HUGE going out of business sale. They don't really carry fabric, which is why I never shop there, but I managed to find a couple of quilt kits in patriotic colors and a few things for scrap booking. Then when I went to put away the couple of scrap booking things, I realized that I needed to order some page protectors. I have been using Creative Memories strap-hinge albums, but they are changing their page size. I didn't want to end up in the middle of an album and not have the right pages, so I had to do an inventory and find a good transition spot. This made me realize that I had some old albums that didn't have page protectors on all the pages, which led me to another inventory and an order for 6 packages of page protectors! Now I have to decide whether to switch to the new size of Creative Memories pages or switch to the other kind of album so that I can get them in regular stores. My Creative Memories consultant would probably turn her nose up at that, but she hasn't been having many crops lately, so keeping caught up on supplies isn't the easiest thing to do. Now I'm feeling a little guilty about spending too much money. Summers are always like that around here, just because I have time for projects, and those always need stuff.
On the quilting front, I got some more Dad's Plaids blocks put together and cut out most of the rest. I think I have about 90 done so far, out of the 144 I need for a king quilt. I took a break because I needed to iron and didn't feel like getting everything out. The house is all nice and clean from a combination of company and the housekeeper. Projects can wait for another day.


Amanda said...

I know what you mean about having so much time and spending so much money. I used to be the same in the summer holidays; teaching is a really economic job, you never have the time or the energy to go shopping, but the holidays are different. Trouble is, now that I'm retired I'm catching up with all those things I always wanted to do, and it's costing me a fortune! I'm spending far too much I know and need to start being a little more careful of my pension!

Julie said...

I have so much more time and energy in the summer and end up spending too much too! Teaching helps us save money! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I hope you don't mind me butting in. i am a CM consultant and understand the frustration over the album size change. I am trying to figure out myself what I will need to finish what I have been working on.....
Any way, about your consultant not having frequent crops.... CM offers direct ship when you order off your Consultant's Web site. Not all consultans have that option available, so if you want to continue to use Cm products that is an option. And sorry to hear you have a consultant that would turn her nose up at non-CM products... I think there are a lot of products out there that aare great, I use a lot of other stuff!! however, I think if I were you I would stick to the CM albums, - They are the best. Good luck in your decision!!!

Jeannie Adams