Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is THIS what a guest bedroom is supposed to look like?

The craft desk before
The guest bed before

The craft desk after
The guest bed after

Mom's coming for the holiday. So it was time to do some cleaning and reorganization. I had been in the middle of projects for so long that the clutter had gotten away from me. Coming soon to a blog near you, the sequels, "Is this what a dining room is supposed to look like?" and "Is this what a laundry room is supposed to look like?"
Gotta boogie, we've got a birthday party at 12:45, and its a long haul from here. Fortunately it's near the fabric store and my favorite deli.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Nice! I'm usually just a "pile mover" unless I'm REALLLLY in the mood to clean and toss. Good for you (unless of course you just moved those piles to the closet???) *chuckle*

Hope you enjoy some great time with family over the 4th (I'm assuming that is why Mom is visiting!)

Anonymous said...

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