Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kid Quilts Day 2 and a Double Date

Ryan was so concerned that the Girl Scouts made quilts without him that he felt he needed a quilt of his own. He didn't like the idea of giving away his hard work, so he chose fabric from my personal stash so that he could keep his quilt when he was done. He chose Pokemon fabric (of course) and pulled three of the colors from the focus fabric arranged to look like they were "coming out" of the middle section. He used such concentration that his quilt actually turned out better than the ones the girls made last night. Look how proud he is!
The last two girl scouts finished up their quilts today, so that is 4 official finishes for the the troop! Our quilting session was interrupted by the arrival of four Sandhill Cranes in our front yard. I never get tired of looking at them.

There were two males and two females, so I'm guessing they were two mated couples. It is possible this late in the season that it is two parents with their offspring, it's hard to tell when they are all full sized. We usually see a few sets roaming the neighborhood, but there have been more since they started building a new addition to our road. I think the wildlife is feeling displaced by all the noise and commotion.
I've been trying to get some things accomplished around the house. It really is a losing battle with the kids home most of the time. I did laundry most of the day and helped the younger two get their rooms clean so I could vacuum. The threat of sucking things up in the vacuum seems to be the only thing that gets them to make sure everything is picked up. My mom is coming to visit for the July 4th weekend, so I'm also trying to get the guest room to look more like a guest room than a quilting studio.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

ahh yes, company always brings out the best in our houses, doesn't it?? ;0)

Way to go mom!! Ryan did very well under your direction :0) (BTW---nice foot in the pic!!!) *giggle*

Losing battle, you say??? When ever *I* need to go up to their rooms for cleaning, a LARGE GARBAGE BAG goes with me----if they want to keep their toys, they better get their biscuits moving OTHERWISE the toys go in the garbage bag, and off to GoodWill. THAT gets them to make sure things get picked up :0)
(however, I HAVE sent about two full bags to GoodWill using this exact tactic) Thye have SO MANY TOYS!

Amanda said...

I always used to think 'thank goodness for visitors' as it was about the only time the house got a REAL tidy and clean. I used to slap a 'health warning' on their rooms occasionally and then they knew I meant business! Well done Ryan, what a star. My two boys used to love sewing when they were his age.

Julie said...

Ryan is adorable! He did a fantastic job on his quilt. You are a great Mom!!

Candace said...

Ryan did great, his quilt is a winner. I never get tired of the big beautiful birds either. I always get excited when I see them.