Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quilt Washing Day

I'm sure in the old days I would be hanging the washing out on the line to dry in the sun. But I don't think clothes lines are allowed in our neighborhood and it rains every day in Florida this time of year. So I've spread the quilts out to dry over patio chairs under the covered lanai. Something has been smelly in Ryan's room lately and I can't quite get to the bottom of it. I'm hoping it's something simple like the quilts or pillows and not something complicated like water intrusion through the wall. That side of the house took the brunt of the last couple of hurricanes so I tend to worry about mold and such. I haven't seen any evidence, but I'd feel better if I could get rid of the smell. Maybe it's just 7 year old boy smell.
I'm slowly getting to the bottom of my cleaning list. Kurt is on his way back from the airport now, so maybe he can do a few little things this afternoon while I run out to the store. I've got a good start on packing so I think I'm in pretty good shape overall. Gwen Marston's Liberated Strings book came in the mail today, so I'm thinking I should take a few minutes to relax and look through it before I do any more work.


Amanda said...

Don't those quilts look pretty lined up like that. Does that mean that you have to dry your washing indoors all year round? Now come on, 7 year old boy's rooms always smell - it'll be some old socks, or a dead mouse, or some mouldy cake or any number of things! I bought Liberated Strings last week - it looks good.

Candace said...

Your quilts look so pretty all lined up. It reminds me of why I love quilts so much, just looking at them makes me happy.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I still love seeing your OC---the colors are so pretty!
I'm sorry that your neighborhood doesn't allow clotheslines; my DH and I have talked about "those types of neighborhoods" (I've forgotten the term to describe them), and it's something that just doesn't make sense to us rural "hick" out-in-the-country folk :0) BUT, a clothsline is one thing that hasn't been put up yet for me either!! HAHA----I hang my quilts over the deck railing.

I can't wait to see Dad's Plaids completed, but it sounds like your vaca is finally approaching! Looking forward to hearing all the goodies once you return.

Andee said...

Little boy smells...many years ago my son had a mysterious bad smell in his room and I poked around until I discovered four dead baby squirils in a jewelry box. The mom had been run over and he tried to feed them but they died so he saved them in a box and decorated it RIP, etc. Oh what a smell! I hope your mysterious smell is not so scary to find!