Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shifting Gears

Just one week and a day left before the begining of inservice training for the next school year. I went into school today to check on things. My new forensic science books were in, and there were 40 of them! That seemed like a lot, so I pulled up my rosters. Only 30 students signed up so far, but still, that's a lot for a brand new course. There are 23 in my chemistry class, which is three more than there are seats in the class, so I'll wait for that to get sorted out. I took a textbook to Jamaica and spent the trip home reading, outlining and brainstorming ideas. I've got the syllabus roughed out and a time line for each of the units. I'm starting to get excited about some of the cool stuff we're going to to be doing.
No sewing in the last couple of days, the kids have started playing a game called The Sims. Their families were all in dire straights, so they recruited me to try to get everything back in order. I don't know why the game has me so mesmerized, but I keep going back to check on everyone and see how they are doing. Then when the kids go back in and mess everything up again I get frustrated that all my work has been wasted. Is there some sort of metaphor in that I should be pondering?


Candace said...

I tried the Sims a few years ago, as my granddtrs loved it so much. All the whining and not minding stressed me out.

Amanda said...

I always loved that part of the school year - going in to school just before the start of the new year. Everywhere looks so fresh and clean, organised and purposeful, exciting and ready to learn. And then the kids arrive and mess it all up!!!

Rhonda said...

Don't you just love getting hooked on those kids game?... Not... lol
My DD got me hooked on one of those games last summer, and I had to tell her no this summer. We found some other ways to spend time together.