Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I seem to be doing the same thing day after day, but each time I get a little closer to the end goal. It's a never ending game of successive approximations. Each time I attack the same space again it gets closer clean, a little less chaotic and a little emptier. This is the closet where the computer and all of it's ancillaries live. It also holds girl scout supplies as well as overflow of scrap booking and quilting supplies. I'm still supposed to fill all the holes from the old closet organizers and repaint everything, but that's still pretty far down on the list.
I went swimsuit shopping for Jamaica today. Yikes! I don't mean to start a rant here, but I am not in love with current fashion trends. I spent too many years sporting maternity clothes to voluntarily wear them while I'm not pregnant. And all of the shorts are either so short that everything hangs out, or right below the knee making my calves look giant. And then I started trying on bathing suits! I'm in decent shape for a middle aged person with three kids. Chubbier than most marathon runners, but still not exactly obese. I just wanted a simple two piece, big enough to cover the stretch marks. Is that too much to ask? Somehow everything that wasn't really skimpy looked like a dress. I finally ended up finding something that would work at Target, and lucky me, it was on clearance.
Last night I had a social get together with the Girl Scout leadership team. Did I mention that I gave in and agreed to take the school coordinator position? I talked my co leader into sharing the job with me, but I couldn't convince her to take it completely. I'm not sure how I'll make everything work during registration and pre-planning, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
Still working slowly on Dad's Plaids. I think I have about 96 out of 144 blocks done. Most of the others are in progress somewhere, it's just a matter of working them all through the pipeline. Kurt's out of town again and the kids are all settled for the night, so I should take advantage and sew into the wee hours. Maybe it I'm really lucky they'll let me sleep in tomorrow morning.


Candace said...

Sounds like as usual your life is busy, busy. Hope you enjoyed your late night sewing, but were also able to get some sleep. Jamaica sounds great, and I'll bet your clothes look a lot nicer than you think.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

*stiffling a chuckle*
Oh Angela----your bikini search makes me think of my sister this weekend!! She also needed a new suit for a trip to Florida (go figure!), but didn't have any luck. We tried Walmart, Shopko and Target to no avail. I don't even want to imagine my "not-quite-yet-back-in-shape" physique in a swimming suit!!!! I'm sure you're a knock out!

Catchin' up:
Your Dad's plaids looks so AWESOME! WOW!
Your possible "weather" for Jamaica once again goes to show you how dreadful that bad ol' Murphy can be!
The Creative Memories is also hitting home; however, I've given all my supplies to a friend. I'm done scrapping! When I ran in to her the other day, and she had package upon package in her front seat because she bought a couple hundred dollars worth of the "old" CM stock. It's SO frustrating when companies do that!!!

Can't wait to see pics of the trip. When is it???