Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shifting gears

The eye of the storm has passed and turned to the north. Yesterday the trees were blowing to the left. Today they are blowing to the right. Still, overall, it seems to be just a lot of rain, even if the rain keeps changing direction. Kurt went up into the attic last night because a little rain was blowing in one of the the off ridge vents. We usually plug them up for a major storm, but this wasn't supposed to be major. One of the window sills in the front was a bit damp, so we put a towel on it. That of course led to the checking of all the windowsills in the house. In my own neurotic way, I couldn't check the window sills without noticing how dirty they all were. So we have nice clean window sills now. There was also a worm in the foyer by the front door. I have no idea how he got in the house, but the poor little guy was dead and crusty when I found him this morning. There are other areas that are much worse of than us. We got an e-mail from a work friend this morning showing his street with foot deep water. There was a tornado in barefoot bay which is a mobile home community not too far from here. I don't know why tornadoes always seem to target mobile homes.
Kurt went into work again today, even though they were closed. He went in yesterday by accident because he didn't realize they were closed. Today there was some big meeting that he didn't think could wait. The two people he was meeting with live beachside, so I was a little surprised they could make it over the causeway. He wore a swimsuit, I think just to be funny, but he swears it was just so he would get dry faster. He gave me a call while he was headed in, and said there is some impressive flooding going on. Even the main roads are full of standing water. Police officers are directing traffic around the major puddles. I'm not sure where it will all go if we really do get the 7 additional inches of rain they are forecasting.
We are still all crossing our finger here that there will be school tomorrow. I'm not sure what they will do with the kindergarteners. It might almost be better to wait until Monday to start them when everything is a little more normal. I know I'm ready for everyone to head back. They are done being patient and good at home and are now asking to go places and do things.
I got all the border pieces cut out for my quilt, I'll find some time after lunch to get them stitched together. I keep thinking some kind of bias vine and simple flowers might set off the border. Then I think I should just get it done and not clutter it anymore with unnecessary extras. I can make that decision after I get the border put on. I'd love to get it layered up today, but I haven't got anything for the back and I'm not going anywhere today.

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