Sunday, October 5, 2008

Murder on a Manicure

I spent the morning finishing the pin basting on Dad's Plaids. I've seen systems with PVC pipe or wooden frames for basting. I even made one just for that purpose, but it just doesn't work on something so ginormous (yes, I'm making up my own words now!). So after crawling around on the floor all morning and scrounging for every last safety pin in the house, I got the job done.

As much as I would have loved to start quilting this afternoon, I was feeling guilty about not doing my share around the house. So instead of firing up the sewing machine, I decided to start painting the bathroom. It's coming along slowly, and even though it's not done, all of the components are usable again. If I was a really good person I would get out the tile saw and finish the part that Kurt isn't supposed to do because of his bad rotator cuff. Maybe next weekend. I didn't paint the high parts, but I did finish everything I could reach with the small step stool we keep in there for the kids. Wow are those ceiling high! I'll have to get the big ladder out later and do the rest. We haven't gotten new light fixtures yet, so I would have had to do more painting when we got those anyway. I'm rationalizing not finishing the paint job, but I was just darned tired by dinner time and glad to put it all away for the night.


Candace said...

Looks like you got it done even if it was 'ginormous', lol. I'm going to try the Sharon Schamber method next time:
It's been highly recommended, and on my little Turning Twelve I ran over 4 pins. Not a good thing unless you like fresh needles. My boards and table are only 6 feet long though, so I'll be a little restricted as far as size.

Amanda said...

I reckon pinning a quilt that size calls for the amount of stretching you did painting! It must be the worst job of all in quilting. It sounds as if you've done a great job on the painting too.

Julie said...

Painting ceilings is a real pain in the neck!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

*shaking head, chuckling*
I SERIOUSLY did not "get" the title of this post until LITERALLY linking to leave a comment. But now I get it-----all that pinning....."murder on your manicure!".....HA! Funny!

And yeah----I always seem to be hunting down pins when it comes to basting time----I can never find enough. Yet, when I DO NOT need them, they seem to be floating here-n-there-n-everywhere around this place!!

And---painting! Can't say I miss THAT part of building a house! (We built 4 years ago). Being married to the head-contractor meant we (he and I) did most of the work ourselves. Between painting and mudding drywall, I don't know which I like least :0)

Lori said...

I think my neck hurts from just reading your post.Painting and pinning both =yuck. (This is just my opinion!)

You deserve a gold star.*