Friday, January 16, 2009

Border Options

I snuck out of the house today on the excuse of needing to mark papers for school and had a lovely lunch at Jason's Deli and visited Joann's in search of some border fabric. I found a nice green and some more of the gold for the border I had in my mind. They are having a HUGE sale right now, and everything was 50% off! Then I came home and started playing with options. I started by setting some extra 9 patches on the diagonal with different combinations of blue and green. I thought it was nice, but Kurt thought it was too busy. He always thinks that a pieced border is too busy, always for the same reason, "the middle is already too busy". I liked the way that the blue looked and started messing around with an applique border. I'm pondering making some little flower blobs out of more pink 9 patches and connecting them with some green leaves and bias vines. No decsisions yet, I'll let it simmer. As much as I'd love to jump in and get it all finished up, I've got to pack for camping in the morning. It's still really cold here, so I'm trying to find lots of warm clothes. I think I found a pair of gloves, but they don't match, and Anna has a purple scarf I can steal. We used to have warm clothes, but they get worn so rarely that it seemed like a waste of space to keep them on. We're off school on Monday, so I can use that time to try to catch up on all of my normal weekend things like laundry and cleaning.


Laurel said...

I love your quilt. Regarding the border, I would stay with all pieced. I like the continuity of piecing with a pieced quilt. I like applique borders with an applique quilt. I like the idea of having the nine patches on point (echoing the chain in the quilt).

If you don't mind, would you look at my blog and let me know what you think about my border question?


Julie said...

What - are you crazy? You are a hothouse flower. I hope you aren't freezing to death!!!!!
BTW, I like the 9 patches on the diagonal. Cute!!

Idaho Quilter said...

Double Delight border has become a problem for me too, I posted some options awhile back but I too am letting it age a bit before moving on.