Saturday, January 31, 2009

Car Shopping

Kurt and I managed to wrangle some time off yesterday without the kids and used it to go new car shopping. I love my Honda CRV, but it is 11 years old with 119,000 miles and is getting a little tired. There are times when I need to pick up a few extra kids, so I was looking for a car with a third row seat, but I don't like driving a big car. The first car we drove was a Kia Rhondo. It is called a mini mini SUV and drives like a car. It has a third row of seats though and can fit 7. They still have 2008's left over so we could get a good deal on it. I liked driving it and it seemed to be a good size . The interior is a little utilitarian, but it still had all the basic features I need. They even had an all decked out one with leather and a sun roof.

Another car I liked was the Toyota RAV4. I almost got one when I bought my Honda years ago, but went the other way. It is more expensive, but also has a nicer interior and more substantial feel. The last row of seats is a bit cramped, but the middle row will fit 3 comfortably.
I'd love to get a hybrid, but the only options there are bigger cars, and they start getting expensive in a real hurry. I did the math and it would take 20 years to make up the price difference with the savings in gas.
I slept on it last night thinking I'd reach some conclusion in the morning, but nothing has come to me yet. I've got rock climbing again this morning, this time for my Girl Scout troop. Maybe I'll think about cars again after that.

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