Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today was our first Daisy field trip. I am always so happy when something happens that I didn't have to plan. What a relief to have someone else doing all the leg work! The whole service unit is going rock climbing on Saturday, but we all thought that might be a bit much for our new troop (and the tickets were already sold out). So we scheduled our own personal session at the indoor rock climbing gym. What could be cuter than 6 kindergarteners in rock climbing gear? A couple of the girls were a little aprehensive when we started, but they got over it in a hurry and were scurrying up the walls with ease by the end of the day. Even the mom's got in on the fun, although I won't post any of those pictures, it was very amusing. I'll be back on Saturday with my own troop, I think it will be too crowded then for me to get much climbing time of my own in.

I finished the quilting on OHR last night and got the binding ready to go. I just need to attach it to the quilt and I will be almost done. I'll get a picture when it's finished. That's my January goal almost done just as January is almost done. I'll have to pick out a February goal next.

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