Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's not "Done Done", because I still need to make some border decisions, but the top for Double Delight is to the flimsy stage (Insert Big Woohoo Here)! I'm thinking of a 1.5 inch gold border and then a 3.5 inch in the blue or the green. I don't have any of those fabrics, but that's still what I'm thinking. Tomorrow is Friday, so maybe I'll have time to sneak out to Joann's after school and pick something out. I should inventory my backing stash at the same time and see what I can cobble together. I still have Old Hurricane Road all layered and ready to go, so I'll have to have a basting party very soon. and then get ready to go crazy with some quilting. I'd love to be able to do it this weekend, but I have to go to camping training. I've been camping with for years. Camping in college when we were too poor for a hotel, camping with my family on holidays, camping with my troop. I'm not a professional camper, but I'd say I'm at least competent. The Girl Scouts like training though, so I'm going to a camping training weekend with Sheila, my co-leader. I realized on Wednesday that I had missed a Team Meeting on Monday, so I'm feeling like a slacker all around. Cookies are underway already, so I won't be able to slack too much and still get it all done.

I'm still figuring out the new computer, I don't have all the right software on it yet to edit the pictures the way I'm used to, so for now, I'm just uploading them HUGE. It's always the little things you get stuck on when you have to switch over to a new machine. I got a new desktop at work last summer and I still can't find the exact right version of my favorite test generator program so that I can open up all of my old tests. Fortunately, my old laptop is still hobbling along, so I keep going back and forth when I need to find something old. So many issues our ancestors never had to deal with!

Oh, I almost forgot the weather update. Everyone is posting snow pictures on their blog and going on about how cold it is up north. We've had the same cold front come through down here and it almost got to FREEZING last night. I don't think it really did freeze, the hibiscus is very sensitive to frost and it looks fine, but still, ALMOST. I had to wear a jacket and gloves when I went out running this morning. BRRR. I tried hard to see my breath, but maybe it had warmed up by then. Even worse, I actually caved and turned on the heat this afternoon. I always hate to do that. Mostly 'cause I like to say, "the heat, no I haven't turned that on in years!) now it's all blown and I'll have to fess up. It may not seem all that harsh to those of you up north who have insulation in their houses, and own winter coats, but we're just not equipped to deal with it down here.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

First of all---WOOHOO! Yes, I agree on your borders. A nice gold (OR blue 1.5") and then a bigger darker one. Whether you use you blues OR even brown. But definitely a dark border is needed to finish it because of all that pink in the corner setting triangles. A lady shared her straight setting photo today, and once again, WHEN I get to the layout point (YES! I WILL make it!), I'll be setting mine straight-----that lovely "irish-chain-diagonal" effect happens just like it did in the OC.

Anyway-----glad to see you are surviving your near freezing experience! You just let me know and I'll ship you a few extra winter jackets I have laying around here :0) BUT, not for another day or so. We're still holding at wind-chills down in the 40-50 below zero range! But the Pro---NO SCHOOL! We're already cancelled for tomorrow (Friday!)

Happy Thursday

Amanda said...

The DD looks lovely, definitely one to add to my to-do list, the borders sound perfect, so I look forward to seeing it finished. I used to go camping a lot too, with the girl guides, with my parents, with the family when we were too poor for anything else. But now I'm looking for a little more comfort, so a camper van is on the horizon. Keep warm,

Cornfield Quilter said...

I just LOVE this quilt! Congrats on getting it done so fast. No matter how many times I see this quilt I just love it more and more. I sure hope I can get mine pieced this weekend. :D

Julie said...

It is really pretty! I want one, but don't want to make it. LOL. At least not right now.

Kathy Wagner said...

Great job on your DD! And you got all the blocks together so quickly!
I'm still working on the blocks...
almost done.