Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday is a Good Day

I always enjoy Thursday. It isn't the weekend yet, but you've made it past the hump while still having time to finish what needs to be done for the week. It helps at my house that the housekeeper comes every other Thursday. I come home from work to a clean and peaceful house with the pressure of restoring order gone for a brief respite. If we are going out to dinner, it usually happens on Thursday so that the kitchen can stay spotless for just a while longer. Tonight I bucked tradition and made dinner for the family. I was in a mood to try new recipes. As a child, I remember my Grandfather making potato pancakes out of leftoever mashed potatoes. I don't know why I have that memory, because he wasn't from a generation where men did much of the cooking, but the images still linger in my mind. So tonight I combined potato pancakes with home made applesauce and some turkey sausages. Quite a departure, from our usual fair, but it was fun to branch out. I got a few more Rolling Star blocks put together for the mystery quilt, no new pictures yet, but I may get a few more together after the kids are in bed.

I do have exciting vacation news. For the first time this year, my school is taking a "winter break" week in February. We still end up with the same number of days off, but they've grouped all the random holidays together to make a week! My kids don't get the week off, so Kurt and I have booked a Caribean cruise for that week. Him mom is being kind enough to come and stay with the kids (Thank you so much Bonny!!!), and we will have 5 days and 4 nights of relaxing dinners, calm afternoons and random leisure time. I'm already starting mental a list of books to read and handsewing to bring along.


Julie said...

Cool! I am enn-veee-usss.

Quilt Pixie said...

sounds like a real vacation! wow

Candace said...

Your dinner sounds yummy, and your vacation like a dream. Thank goodness for Grandma. Your DD is looking so gorgeous, I still haven't started mine, but will soon.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Ugh! That is SO unfair!!!!
A) No "winter break" for us (except one Monday)
B) No "spring break" for us (except Friday/Monday at Easter)
C) This will be the SECOND vacation you've had in the past year.

*waddling finger your way*
You just better NOT rub this one in!!!!

I'll just have to hog-tie my DH in the car this summer and head West. Wyoming/Montana......yeah....THAT'S the ticket!

Enjoy your weekend!