Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 B's today

I got the Yes We Can quilt bordered backed and basted. If things are calm tonight I'll get at least some basic stabilizing quilt lines put in. I got all my school work finished on Friday, so for once there is nothing hanging over my head even though it is a Sunday night. I have a lab all set up for Forensics tomorrow, but the physics teacher needs the room, so I think I'll have them share and compare a web quest they did on Thursday. Chemistry is in the depths of gas laws right now, so it is just problems and more problems. Add to that some time to pass back papers and organize binders, and we should be good to go.

Anna has been engrossed with some new "pet" frogs that she found in the yard. Here she is with Bubbles and Uranus. She had another one named Goliath, but he peed on Sydney and so they let him go. There was also a lizard named Liz, but he bit Ryan and got let go as well. Kurt took all the kids out today to shoot off model rockets they have been building while I finished painting the bathroom. I started it eons ago, but left the part that needed a ladder for later. Later took a while to get here. This afternoon was OM again and tonight we are going to watch a movie with our pizza.
I hope everyone else had a productive weekend. I know Amy had power chord issues and Amanda is in the midst of moving. Julie is busy with and injured daughter, but hopefully other people had quilt related progress.

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Karen said...

Your launch photo is great. I posted some today taken from our backyard.