Sunday, March 29, 2009

Frugality or Futility?

Sometimes I wonder if being frugal is truly worth it. OK, if I were really struggling to stretch the budget and couldn't afford to go out and get new batting, I could see the utility in piecing together all of the odd scraps to make a new quilt bat. However, I stocked up on batting when it was on sale after Christmas, and still have 3 bags stashed in the laundry room. Why do I torture myself by insisting on using every last scrap? Something in me just abhors waste. I spent all afternoon puzzling together a batting and a backing. I truly don't mind the time. If I wanted a hobby where I could accomplish things quickly and efficiently, I probably would not have chosen quilting. If I had been happy with the way it all went together, it wouldn't have been an issue. As it was, the batting ended up a little lumpy and wonky. I got it all laid out and ended up muttering under my breath when I realized the batting had a swerve to it, leaving one corner completely unstuffed. More muttering followed as I whacked off the protruding section and handsewed it behind the offending corner.

So that took most of the afternoon. Alternated with loads of laundry and the usual weekend stuff, I got my quilt layered and pin basted. Kurt voted for read quilting thread, assuming I have some of that, I'll get a start on that as soon as the kids are in bed. Today was the last OM practice before the big state competition next weekend. Ryan is going to be a newscaster and announce what is happening from this TV he made out of cardboard boxes. The boys are going to be dinosaurs destroying a cardboard city while the girls drop weights on the structure. I think everyone is ready for it to be over. We'll have a final dress rehearsal on Thursday and then it's off to Orlando on Saturday.


Amanda said...

Like I said in my last comment, there's too much Puritan in my soul - I use up every last bit of my wadding if I possibly can. That's the joy of small wall hangings though, it's much easier to piece bits of wadding together flat.

Sheila said...

I love everything about your colorful quilt! It is so happy! Love bright, bold, fun, colorful quilts!