Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Party

We headed off to an Easter party this afternoon, so it is obligatory to torture everyone with pictures of my kids in their new spring ensembles (mostly for my mom who loves the kids in fancy clothes). The older they get the harder it is to get them to all stand still for a group picture.
We took the no-bake strawberry pie that Judy L. had a recipe for recently. It had a little mishap during the no-baking process, but my dear husband stepped in to rescue it before I completely lost my mind. I guess these things happen when you are cooking with children, I just wish they didn't happen quite so often when I am trying to make dishes to take to someone elses house. I didn't take a picture, which is probably for the best considering what it had been through. I never got to taste it, but I heard it was pretty tasty.
My good friend Meisje has hosted this party every year since before I knew her. She makes hundreds of cascorones. Those are confetti filled eggs that you break over the heads of nearby friends or strangers.
Here she was explaining the rules of the game to the children when Kurt snuck up behind her and broke one on her head.
There are regular plastic eggs as well, and the kids were all pretty anxious to find them. Look at the intensity on those little faces! The littlest kids got a head start before these maniacs were released for the hunt. After that it was a mass of flying confetti and shells until the last egg was found.

The kids were exhausted from all the fun and collapsed into bed as soon as we got home. We've got our own eggs ready for morning as well as Easter baskets that Kurt has hidden somewhere. His family always hid the basket with gifts rather than finding eggs. It seems odd to me, but we've hidden the baskets, and the eggs are ready to be hidden first thing in the morning. I hope he didn't hide the baskets too well or they won't have anything to put the eggs into. It's always interesting to meld together the traditions from different families and turn them into our own little script. I'm continually surprised at how many different variation exist on the same basic celebrations.

I hope everyone else is having a happy Easter weekend.


Amanda said...

Great photographs, and it sounds as if you had a wonderful time at the Easter party. We've always given Easter eggs at Easter, and eaten hot cross buns, but that's about the extent of the festivities. Some places organise Easter egg hunts, and I think that some families are starting to do so, but it's still rare here. When I was teaching we used to have two competitions at school - one for a small Easter garden, and the other for decorated hard-boiled eggs. And we used to do egg-rolling down the hill - the person whose (hard-boiled) egg reached the furthest without breaking one a prize.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh Angela! I'm ex-HAUSTED reading about your party! Oh my goodness---what a hooplah of fun it looks like!

As for traditions; my family does both (hide eggs and baskets). However, this year, I skimped on the baskets and only hid eggs.

Back off to work, you go; a solid push to the end now....*sigh* I hate to say that I'm ready for it to be summer!