Sunday, April 12, 2009

Strung Out

The kids were up bright and early in search of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. They spent the morning playing with the kites and outside toys they found in their baskets. I know there aren't too many years left of happy surprises and willing suspension of disbelief. I'm glad that we all pretended, at least for today, that magic is still possible. Ryan especially is always quick to point out myths, but he was happy enough to play along with our little game. Sydney is still enthralled with the wonder of it all. I know it can't last much longer.

I have 2 borders anxiously waiting for me to make some decisions, but today was not a day for decisions. I felt a serious need for some mindless sewing.

After pulling out the last of the scraps from my men's shirt quilts, I decided to work on some string blocks. I was sure I had done quite a few already, but maybe they got used in the nursing home quilts? I had phone book pages conveniently stashed in the same tub as the scraps and dumped them into a happy heap on the floor before diving in and sewing myself silly. I decided to work with a simple diagonal layout and finished up a goodly number of blocks. With the one still sitting on the ironing board, it looks like about 25. I took pictures along the way thinking I might make a quick tutorial if anyone is interested.

When I got tired of making string blocks, I picked up the trimmings from those and started making crumb blocks. I kept the trash can handy, and anything that was too small ended up finally retired. It is fun to think about the evolution of these scraps. They started their life as shirts before being worked into quilts, the leavings of those turned into string quilts, and the last gasping fragments made their way into these humble little crumb blocks. Looking at the picutures, I can also see some scraps my neighbor left when she moved away and some partial blocks from Carolina Crossroads. I think that was the first of the mystery quilts that I did. These little guys got squared up to 6.5 inches. I think I will set them with a wide blue lattice and some bright red corner stones.
Ryan had a timeline project due tomorrow so we finished that up after dinner. The kids are all fast asleep already. Tomorrow it's back to the usual routine of school and work. Just 5 more weeks for me, 4 until the seniors are gone. I need to get summer camps and schedules all pinned down -- it will be here before I know it.


Amanda said...

Childhood does pass so quickly, and it's such a small percentage of the whole that you need to build up as many memories as possible to keep it alive in your head when they, all too soon, grow up. Aren't strippy blocks great for mindless sewing? I keep a whole pile of strips and squares ready for when I have an anxiety attack - much more effective than tablets!

Rhonda said...

Hi Angela,
It's so nice to be able to catch up with your blog. Yes, the little ones do grow up too quickly. My kids humored me yesterday by doing the Easter eggs hunt... love it when go along with Mum to keep her happy. :-)
String and crumb blocks are so much fun. I'm thinking of pulling my scraps out to do one soon.... the scraps came back while I wasn't looking. lol

Your bright pineapple quilt is awesome!