Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Projects

I was wiped out after the sleepover this weekend and didn't feel like working on a project. Instead I decided to putter with some small ideas that I had been turning over in my mind. The first was a water bottle holder.

It's not often that I get to start a conversation with the question, "What is the formula for the circumference of a circle?" After figuring that part out the rest went together likety split. I need to seriously work on my finishing touches. I could not figure out the buttonhole feature on my Bernina so I ended up really messing that part up royally. I guess I could get out the manual or something, but that seemed like too much work. Anyway, it is reversible with a little strap to hook onto a bag or whatnot.

Next came a case for my I-phone. I did a google image search and ended up with an idea based on this tutorial. I made one out of flannel and a scrap of fabric for practice and then tried one out of a bit of silky fabric that was hanging out in a drawer. It's basically just a long piece of fabric folded into thirds and seemed along the bottom two edges. The top just flaps over to hold the phone in. I thought about coming up with some sort of latch but didn't want to wreck what I had already done. The first one was just a smidge bigger than the second and it holds the digital camera nicely.
Today was the last "regular" day of school. Exams start tomorrow, but I don't have any until Wednesday so I'll go in and finish up my end of the year stuff.

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Micki said...

Great ideas! You really have wonderful projects to do!