Friday, June 5, 2009

Just for me Day

Kurt had the day off today and I took advantage of it by getting out of the house without the kids. I had an appointment at the bank and then headed into school to get a little more work done in my classroom. After that I went to see Demons and Angels before heading to Jason's Deli for a late lunch. I chose Jason's because it is right next to Joann's. I was hoping to pick up the new issue of Quiltmaker magazine which is supposed to have the first set of directions for a Christmas Mystery Quilt by Bonnie at Quiltville. I was so disappointed that they still had the May/June issue with no Quiltville mystery to be found. They did have Home Dec fabrics for half off, so I got some more fabric to make organizer boxes and cover a bulletin board. I've been working with the box pattern to make it sturdier and had good luck with one made from heavier cardboard. I then got out my rotary cutter and went to town cutting all of the boxes that I cleared out of the pantry in my cleaning of recent days. It is so satisfying to take a jumbled mess of random boxes and turn them into an orderly stack of 5.25 inch squares. Much like taking a tangled mess of a scrap basket and turning into organized piles of strips and squares.
I thought my me day was over when I got home around diner time, but a girlfriend came to drop off Anna after a play date with her daughter, and we headed out together to have a quick drink and some appetizers while we caught up on girl talk. We used to have plenty of time to talk on our weekly long runs, but we haven't done those recently and were feeling out of touch. I knew it was bad when she said it was OK that we hadn't talked recently because she kept up with me on my blog.
I'm still a little bummed about not having the directions for the mystery quilt, but I know it involves 52 3.5 inch four patches, so I can dig those out of the leader/enders basket and get started. We are headed to Orlando tomorrow to meet up with visiting family members on vacation, so I won't be doing much sewing for the next few days anyway. After that I'll try to get the magazine again or maybe finish off some WIPs so I don't feel bad about starting something new.


Amanda said...

What a great day, something of everything that makes life good. What was Angels and Demons like? It's had pretty poor reviews, but I still want to see it. I really enjoy the books, they're good reads, even though the critics seem to pan them.

Dr. Quiltmom said...

I just love Me days. I am afraid that now the kids are out of school my me days are over. I feel a little obligated to give their dad a break since he has them all day all summer. I will give him Me days.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

For what it's worth, in case you haven't been around the Quiltville Chat files lately, someone uploaded a GIF of the first step:
(I made some tinyURL links for you)

Hope it helps until you have a chance to buy from stands (I wouldn't expect them to hit the stands for another couple of weeks) I just got my mag in the mail today. Can't start on it quite yet though---working on a DWR (Double Wedding Ring) with MIL. I need to finish up my tasks before we get back together in 2 weeks