Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where I Live

I think we all take our homes for granted. Some of us grow up somewhere and end up staying there forever. We didn't like the cold and decided to move south. We aimed for North Carolina, but missed by a few states and ended up in Florida. It was strange at first to see all the palm trees and live so close to the ocean, but we adjusted. Before long it seemed pretty normal to us. Occasionally though, it hits me that I live in a place that other people visit on vacations.
Anna had a field trip on Monday to the "river". That is what we call the local estuary for reasons I don't quite comprehend. She was so excited when she talked about taking the big giant net into the water and listed off all of the critters they caught. Rather nonchalantly she mentioned that while they were there, an airplane flew overhead carrying the space shuttle back to the cape.
Tuesday I was watching our school announcements when they had a special segment on the surfing club. They took lots of footage of curling waves and sandy beaches. It is odd to think that as I sit in class I am only a few miles away from all of that. I used to look at houses next to the beach and wonder how they could ever get anything done with so much sun and surf outside their front doors.
Today it was rainy. I thought it was regular rain, but then on the way to work they said it was the remnants of hurricane Fred. I missed that hurricane I guess, but it was a nice soaking rain. As I stood in car line for my duty, I looked on to a huge double rainbow. By lunchtime it was 90 and sunny.
I still have a couple of days left in the week. I wonder what wonders they will bring?


Candace said...

We live in Central Florida and inland, so we don't have the ocean nearby, and the shuttles are very small, but visible. I still love living in Florida though. DH is from RI, and he loves it here. We often feel lucky to already be where many people retire to.

Micki said...

Our village is right by the sea, and many come here to vacation, so we do feel lucky to live here in such a beautiful place.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hey lil' lady! Missin' ya. Has life slowed down any one bit for you?

Yeah---talking about "where we live...."
FIRST NOW hit the ground YESTERDAY (10/10/09). That's even a bit early for Wisconsin.`. It's already gone (thank goodness).

Stacks of stuff to do today, but I'm off to do some sewing! The other things can wait :0) Feels good to slightly be slowing down.....

Amy (lilme2_99) said...


Barb said...

We must live close ~ my daughters field trip last year was to the nasty estuary. I was up to my but in river gunk! Love getting to see the shuttles go up but haven't managed to see the shuttle coming back in yet.