Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mistake or Design Decision?

Christmas lights is first on my list for the quilting marathon weekend. All the star blocks are done, but I'm having a dilemma with the bow-tie blocks. While madly chain stitching away, I accidentally sewed a red strip onto the wrong side of the HST. The dark portion is meant to turn out as it does in the second block. The orientation of mine would have the dark portion on the inside. I had convinced myself that I was going to sew them all backwards to avoid unsewing, but as I look at the pictures, I think the balance is off in the first block. I guess the frog wins.
My plans for a nonstop quilt marathon have hit a few small snags so far. I left work nice and early to get home and get busy with my sewing. The weather is nice today for the first time in absolutely ages though, and all the kids flocked outside to play. At one point we had at least 11 kids on our swing set. Amongst them all were three kids belonging to our new neighbors, so we spent time chatting about things and getting acquainted. Kurt was off to football practice after that, leaving me with just Sydney. We had dinner and baths and were just ready to settle down for the evening when Kurt came back and let me know that he was going to have to work this weekend. He never works on the weekend, so that struck me as odd. They are being called in for crisis support in Haiti though, and it is all hands on deck. He doesn't need to go to Haiti (thank goodness) or even to Miami where they are staging all of their support people, but he does need to go in and get everyone who is going set up with the proper equipment and software. They did a similar thing during Katrina and it was intense but short lived.
So that leaves me to handle the kids tomorrow, which means ice skating and rock climbing. Those promise to suck up a good portion of the day. I will take some handwork though, maybe the depression blocks I've been patiently trimming for my January UFO. I think I can get in just a bit more ironing before calling it a night. We hit the ice at 8:45.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

The nice thing about scrap quilts, any slight flaw from the pattern---NO ONE would notice but the designer. I say---keep the block(s?) as is...really. It it's only one, put it at the edge of the layout when complete; it'll hardly be noticed. If it's a handful, place them in the same "verticle row" when laying it out so they'll blend from one to the other.

I wonder if your mind is giving you a subliminal message....working on the "depression blocks" while out-n-about; try not to be too depressed and hopefully you'll get some motiviational time when you return back home!

Aunt Spicy said...

I kind of like them the way you sewed them!