Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bullet List

I do two crazy things in the summer. One is always a frenzy of organization, the other is maniacal list making. Of course one of the lists I make is of cleaning and organization that I need to do. My dear husband always jokes that the other list I make is a list of the lists. Does anyone else start a to do list with the last thing that you just did so that you can start by crossing it off of the list? Maybe it's just me.
One of the organizational tasks on the list was the fabric in the laundry room. I keep the donation fabric seperate as well as the fat quarters and the non quilt fabric like flannel or home dec, but this is all of the quilt worthy yardage sorted by color. I'm a ROYGBIV kind of girl when it comes to sorting things. I think it just looks prettier that way, don't you?

The other task on the list for today was the downstairs closet which has become everyone's favorite dumping ground. It's my fault really, I started putting the goodwill in there until it could get picked up or dropped off. Now the kids stash all of there $#@& in there as well. There are three big bags ready for drop off and three more that need to be taken to my sister next time we head up that way. Now I can cross that off the list too.

I got a few new fabrics today after the free morning movie followed by lunch and before a trip to Sport's Authority for things the kids are sure they need for swim team. I am thinking of using them for Amy's BOM, but I'll have to audition them and see if they make the cut.
Anyway, back to the making of lists, I made a list last night of all of my sewing projects. UFOs (unfinished fabric objects), WIPs (works in progress), PIGs (projects in a grocery sac), RTGs (ready to go and get quilted), LTP (long term projects), NB (needs binding), and NTD (need to do projects. I think that's all the categories I came up with. So there are 20 projects on my list. Some haven't even been started yet, and some have languished along the way for some reason or other. Obviously I can't work on 20 projects all at the same time. In narrowing it down, I decided to try to pick one project for each of the various stages of completion: planning, cutting, piecing, borders, quilting, and handwork. That makes a nice handful of projects I can work on without feeling like I am randomly jumping from one thing to another. At least it is handful for those people with 6 fingers.

I decided to call this my bullet list. So, without further ado, here is my bullet list of projects for the summer. When I finish one off or move it on to the next stage then I'll add another and so on through the 20. That's the plan anyway.

Bullet list:
  • planning = Sister's Choice shams for Mom
  • cutting = Judy's June Mystery
  • piecing = wonkylogs
  • borders = Starlight
  • quilting = crumb cake
  • handwork = Whirlygiggle binding for Paige

How about you? What's on your bullet list?


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Okay, how 'bout this one?


Slow Down Girl!

LOL......I might be good at making lists, but finishing everthing on them is another thing all together!!!!

Oh---and the fabrics are DA-LISH!

Amanda said...

Oh, how I miss that purposeful feeling at the beginning of the long summer holidays (though I don't miss the teaching at all) and the thoughts that it would go on for ever and I could catch up on EVERYTHING. And the lists, oh yes, I made lists and lists of lists, far too much to ever get done in those few weeks that got shorter and shorter as the days went by.