Sunday, June 13, 2010

Parrot Biding Done

Sydney picked out a movie while we were out getting the ingredients for a special Father's Day cake this morning. I decided to be social while she watched it and sat to finish the binding on I Spy a Parrot. I think the binding stack has 3 quilts in it right now, so I'd better keep on top of it. When I was done stitching I threw it in the wash to take care of some dog hairs from Lizzie who has decided she loves to lay on my quilts. Then I rigged up a clothes line on the patio to let it dry. I've been trying to find a better spot to take finished quilt photos and this may just do the trick.
I also spent a few minutes this morning updating the look of my blog. For anyone using bloglines, they seem to have some new tools that are very easy to use and customize. Now I'm off to update the margin lists to move the parrot quilt to officially finished status! Then I guess I'd better go and bake a cake. I'm not sure why Father's Day needs a cake, but it is what the kids wanted to do, so off we go to the kitchen.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOL.....oh, you and me.....we're the blind leading the blind, I tell ya!

I have just been informed by Linda that Father's Day is "NEXT Sunday, after the Official Friday Night Sew In NEXT Friday".... think Kurt or Paul really know (or care)??? ;0)

BTW----Yes, the scrappy green sashing was a PERFECT choice for the I Spy!!!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I even googled it because I couldn't believe I was wrong on ANOTHER date!!!

When is Father's Day?

Linda said...

This turned out so cute. Good job!

You and Amy definitely need different calendars.
Hugs, Linda

Andee said...

Looks good! I have some eye spy squares cut and even a few sewn together waiting for more..never tire of these quilts!