Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spare Change

You may have noticed that I have been on a bit of an organizational kick these days. It happens every summer. Trying to make up for chores that get neglected during the school year I suppose. Finding space in the study/spare bedroom for the quilting machine has been an ongoing process. One of the small items of furniture that needed to find a new home was a wooden two drawer filing cabinet. After consultation with Kurt, we decided that it could become his nightstand, replacing a rickety table that has been serving the purpose. Today I cleared off the table and in my pattern of slightly obsessive organization, decided that all of the change that he keeps in a basket there needed to be sorted, rolled and deposited at the bank. That of course led to a collection of all of the loose change in the house and an entire morning of work. Guess how much there was? It was frightening really.
I think since it was "free" money, that I should be able to spend it on something fun. I'm trying to talk myself out of getting an Accuquilt. I just got a darned Handiquilter, I shouldn't buy anything else, but I'm being very tempted.
Speaking of my charmed life, I talked everyone into going to volleyball with Kurt tonight and got my Square Root top put together. I found some possible fabrics for borders and backings in my ongoing cleaning today, so maybe I will get it ready to quilt before we go on vacation. No quilting for me in the next couple of days, I "put away" the quilting things today in order to turn the room back into a guest bedroom again. Never fear, I still have plenty of regular sewing to keep me going for a while.


Ruthie said...

I actually hesitated for a long while in front of them at Joann's toady. $299 is a very inticing price.....but, I did walk away.

Better go count our change jar.

Leah S said...

I'm gonna guess $324. It does add up!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

OH NO.....DON'T DO IT.....

LOL...{{shaking head}}

You continually crack me up, Angela!

Judy said...

You are brilliant!!! I have a change bucket, when it gets full, I take it to the bank counter. Never did I think to use it for a GO! I'm thinking about it now because it is almost full!!! Brilliant, I say! ;-)

Frog Quilter said...

I have had my Handi Quilter for about 3 years now. Love It.

Just bought the Go Cutter. Love it

Go for it! You only live once.