Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blinking Borders

There was a swim meet this morning. Kurt took Sydney and Ryan so that I could take Anna to ice skating. On Tuesday Sydney hated swimming, she never wanted to go to swim team again and didn't know why I was making her do it. By Thursday she wanted to go to every meet and made me promise she could sign up again next time.
Check out Ryan's stellar form on the dive in. Did I mention that we practiced?

I don't know why I find borders to be so tedious. Binding doesn't bother me, and I do fine on backings. But I've been puttering away at the borders to the June Mystery ALL DAY LONG. Now, you have to understand that all day means when I wasn't doing something with or for the kids, so the actual minutes spent are probably pretty minimal.
After the swimming and skating there was some cleaning and laundry and then a series of kids in and in of the house, through the pool and back again. I took my drawer of 2.5 inch squares along played with those while I supervised. I should be all set for leaders and enders for the next few years. Our new neighbors moved in today and they have an 8 year old boy. With all the friends that Sydney has around the block, it is nice to have some more boys for Ryan to play with.
So, back to quilting again:
I didn't seem to have enough of the background fabric for the second border, and mixed in another fat quarter from the Girl Scout bundle with a light background. I might take all the teals from the stack and use them to make the binding. Usually I would use the extras to piece a back, but I have enough that I can make another quilt of some sort. Sydney seems to like this one, so maybe I can make the next one for Anna and they can both have their own Girl Scout quilt. I think the next one should have more green in it though, it isn't immediately obvious that this is a Girl Scout themed quilt at all.


Micki said...

I don't mind borders at all...It is the binding I hate.

Candace said...

I don't know if I procrastinate borders any worse than anything else, lol. But, I still have the border to my Iowa (Carolina) Christmas in a box. The blocks are all done but now sewn together and not attached. I'm determined to start getting things finished though, so maybe in the next few weeks.