Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fresh Off the Frame

I just pulled Judy's June Mystery off of the frame. I'm going to call it Girl Scout Cookies. Even though it isn't readily apparent, all the colored fabrics are Girl Scout themed. It's been sitting on the frame for days now, and I've been doing drive by quilting. Wake up, quilt a row, drive somebody somewhere, come back and quilt another row. Watch the kids swim, quilt three rows before lunch. And so it goes. It is of course, dark by now, so I'll have to get a proper picture in the morning. Maybe by then I'll have it trimmed and the binding ready to sew on.
DH is off tomorrow, so this is our Friday night. Not exactly date night around here, but I guess I should go and be social for a while anyway. I'm hoping he'll get up early to do the morning driving and leave me to sleep in. I'm running out of days to sleep late, just 4 more days until teachers are back at school.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

WOW!! really??!?!? 4 days?!?!? It's no wonder that you guys are off so early in May while we head into June.... I guess I don't remember you heading back this early last year.

The quilts looks fabulous!!! I need to find time to put mine together!!!! Looking forward to seeing some close ups of the quilting ;0)

Amanda said...

Lovely colours in this one. I used to feel so ambivalent about the last few days of the summer holiday. Reluctant to end the lazy please-myself days, but at the same time looking forward to getting back to work. Enjoy your last few days of (relative) freedom.

Quilter Kathy said...

I love that..."drive by quilting"! Every little chunk of time adds up to making progress...way to go!
How weird that teachers are back at school...our first day of school here is September 7th.

Andee said...

It looks great...really makes me wish I had found the time to do this mystery...and I hope these last four days before school starts go slowly for you! In case I haven't told you my hat is off to you teachers.., taught HS ASL two years ago (after teaching seven years of college) and quickly determined it wasn't for me...not. at. all. You teachers rock!