Friday, July 30, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies Done

Girl Scout Cookies is done except for the binding which is already cut. Getting it sewn on today should not be much of a problem. Kurt has taken Anna and Ryan off to camp and beach volleyball leaving Sydney and I to putter around the house at our leisure. This is a little longer than the charity quilts I've been making lately. I ran out of batting with just one more row of quilting to do and had to hand sew a strip onto the end. You can see that it hangs down onto the pool deck even though I moved the clothesline up as much as possible.
I pieced the back, but with it hanging up and the sun shining through you can see the front at the same time. I just love that stained glass look.
The quilting pattern is a pantograph from Golden Threads called Saxon. It is just a simple swirl really, but pointy. I think it adds a nice texture without being overwhelming.
Sydney has called dibs on this quilt. We are getting ready to redo her room (again!) and she is thinking of a teal blue with either butterflies or fish. She's seven, so that could change several more times before she settles on something.


heather said...

Very nice

Linda said...

I think Sydney has excellent taste! This will be a perfect quilt for a seven year old! I think butterflies would be great! Be sure to take of picture when her room is complete.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Maaaarvelous darlin'....simply maaaaarvelous!

Judy said...

Love it!!! Way to be a finisher. ;)
I love how kiddos claim the quilts.

Candace said...

It's gorgeous, and the quilting looks so good! I love the color combination.