Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Short Attention Span Quilter

My sister called this morning to make sure I had finished her curtains. "We" made a dust ruffle for Paige at Christmas and I was sent home with matching fabrics to make the curtains. We'll be seeing her again next week and so she'd like to have her curtains. Did I finish them? Of course I did, any minute now. While I'm at it, I need to finish up the pillow shams to go with the Sister's Choice quilt that I made for Mom last Christmas. It was 109 by 109 and after sewing through my finger during the quilting, it finally convinced me that I needed a quilting machine and frame.
The Sister's Choice is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that uses an extremely cool technique for making nine patches. Which then combine with sew and flip triangle points. While I was at it, I decided to go ahead and whip up a few extra blocks, because my 2.5 inch strip drawer won't close, and there were some pretty jelly roll remnants that wanted to be played with. No definite plans yet, but they seem like they might turn into a Christmas quilt and a baby quilt. So, back to the pillow shams, I was going to use the same nine patch for the middle so that it ties in to the quilt, but then just use simple cornerstones and sashing strips so that they don't look exactly the same. I had the leftover fabric conveniently saved, so it shouldn't take long to get those finished up. Assuming I don't get sidetracked again that is.

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Candace said...

"Of course I did, any minute now."
I love it, very profound. Also, love your Sister's Choice.