Sunday, July 18, 2010

Square Root is Done Done

I took three quilts along on our car trip this weekend that needed to have the binding hand sewn. I'm giving each of them their own posts so that I can link them to my finished quilt list in the margin. The finished quilt list in the margin is one of the things about my blog that makes me happy. Concrete proof that I have accomplished something tangible.
Square Root was made out of shirt purchased from the Goodwill clearance center. The total cost of the fabric going into this quilt was $5.73. It also makes me feel happy that I could still make quilts even if I couldn't afford to go out and get new fabric. It uses a combination of 4 and 16 patches along with the fabric of 9 shirts, which explains the name.
The back was a nice stripe from the donation pile, stretched out with the extra squares from the front. I quilted it with a freehand topographic spiral pattern and pink thread.

So, 16 hours, 1 round trip and a big celebratory WOOOHOOO! I love crossing things off the list. Now I get to go and find new things to put back onto the list to take their place.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...


1-2-3; read-em-n-weap!

Great finishes, but the Square Root is my favorite BY FAR!!! And not just because of the name either! That darker blue is fabulously placed---LOVE IT! You keeping that one or is it planned for something else?

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, you are really on a roll...3 finishes?!?! WOW!
Love that your Square Root is recycled fabric!

Amy said...

I love the quilt, I also am on a budget right now,, and using unwanted clothing.I think my recycled quilts will be more cherished,hope yours are too.Thanks for sharing,Amy

Lori said...

Wow! 3 really? Congrats on the cost of that one!

quiltmom said...

Well So Scrappy,
I am very pleased to meet you- Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I wanted to come and check out yours too so here I am. You have a very nice blog.
I love your scrappy quilts - they look terrific. Your crumb cake is particularly fun with the words.
I also loved the use of mason jars with the pin cushion tops. Thanks for the link- I will have to go check those out too. It would make a nice birthday present for my quilty friend.
Enjoy your summer. It does fly by all too quickly.
Warmest regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

Linda said...

Wow, 3 finishes, good for you! They all look great. Binding is one of my favorite things to do but I have to make myself do it. It takes a while to bind and I can do so many other things in that length of time but it's so good to finish a project. It looks like you had a great visit with your family too. The aprons are so cute. Thanks for sharing.