Monday, July 5, 2010

Square Root Needs Binding

Added to the ever growing "needs binding" list, here is Square Root. The sun shining through lets you see you back at the same time as the front. Maybe I should hang it backwards to I can shoot from the other side of the pool?

Here is a shot of the back so you can see the quilting a little bit. it kind of looks like a topographic map to me. I just cut up a pile of binding strips, so I guess I will work on that a while. There was a Royal Pains marathon on TV while we were away, so I have entertainment for hours of handwork just sitting in the DVR waiting. I think the main goal for today though is to get my sewing room organized a bit more. I have a bunch of those plastic drawer organizers that I am going to use to hold precut strips and squares. They are in bins now in the laundry room, but I thought they might be more accessible sitting under the quilting frame. There is certainly a lot of room there. I guess whatever it is I'm going to do, I'd better get started. Have a happy Monday, it should be a nice three day weekend for those in the U.S. that still work during the summers. For me it looks a lot like yesterday which will look a lot like most days for the next 5 weeks. Sigh, summer is half gone. I'd better get busy.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

shhhhhh......don't utter those word!!!!

And yes, I agree... Topographic map for sure. Love the entra pieces included in the back! I really do enjoy pieced backing more-n-more.

Happy quilty Monday

Amanda said...

I think it looks great with the sun shining through, and I really like that pattern. Why does the summer seem to pass so much more quickly than the rest of the year?