Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday #3

I saw this little manicure set at the checkout stand while buying groceries. It was $1.97 and had all sorts of tools that would be handy for quilting. The tweezers are handy for pulling stray thread, the rosewood stick make nice stilettos for guiding fabric under the presser foot or poking out corners. The fingernail clippers are good for clipping threads, especially in places that don't allow scissors. The quilt shop sells official quilt police approved versions of lots of tools like these, but how much nicer is it to find them reasonably priced? Next time you are wandering the aisle at a grocery, discount or drug store, think about creative uses for the things you might already have around. Have a thrifty Thursday.


Candace said...

Good ideas, I hadn't even thought of looking for quilting tools in the grooming section, but you are right they'd work and would sure save some money. I have used my fingernail clippers many times when cross stitching to trim threads when I couldn't take scissors.

Linda said...

Great ideas. I'm really liking your Thrifty Thursdays! I haven't made it into a habit yet to check on Thursday but it soon will be! You know the thing about it taking so many times before it becomes a habit...I think it takes more for me, have a great day and keep 'em coming!