Saturday, October 2, 2010

GO Strings

I loved the idea of a cool string border for my quilt better than the reality. I can't bear to waste the string fabric though, so into blocks they must go.
It took less than 20 minutes to whip out 23 6.5 inch string blocks. I'll throw them in with my 6.5 inch crumb blocks and eventually there will be enough to grow into a quilt.

How cute do those look all laid out together? Maybe next time one of the strip bins gets too full I'll have a string sewing day.


Andrea said...

Wow - I'm inspired. Used up a load of strings a few quilts back but they are slowly building back up. When I first started quilting I used to throw my scraps away - what a terrible thought - lol . I love all you do x

Amanda said...

Don't they look cute, I really like the look of string blocks. It's time I got down to making some string blocks of my own, I've got plenty of scraps sitting around.

Candace said...

They look adorable, I can't wait to see the end product(s).

jillquilts said...

Love the colors and the rainbow-ness! lol