Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spinning in Circles

I had to go out yesterday and get a new iron. I like to iron in the family room in order to keep an eye and ear out for everyone. I can't leave it all there though so end up just picking everything up, still on the ironing board, and moving it back to the study/sewing room. Every so often, the iron goes suicidal and jumps right off.  DH is worried about the hardwood floors, I'm just sad that I keep killing irons. 
So with my new iron and a cart full of groceries, I came home to try again.  The quilt seemed smallish to me, so I laid it out in the formal living room which holds a piano, bookshelves and my quilt blocks.  Sure enough, when measured, it wasn't anywhere close to the twin sized quilt I was shooting for.  I had a few extra blocks and more in the works, so I spent the afternoon working those through and adding them to the quilt.  I used up all my 1.5 inch strips and still don't have quite enough.  I think I need 8 more to get the size I was going for.
What to do?  What to do?  The scrap basket is overflowing again.  An afternoon sorting all that out and trimming to size would surely yield plenty of strips to finish the quilt.  That would be the smart way to go. 
A quick peek at the blogs though, yields other temptations.There are Amy's Block of the Months, all up on the wall reminding me that I should take a peek at mine.  I did use Christmas fabric after all, and that time of year is growing near.  I've made two quilts now with the Irish Chain blocks in between.  One was already gifted, but I pulled the other out to remind myself how many blocks. 

Twilight is a good size for snuggling on the couch and has kept me warm on many an evening.  10 blocks with 10 alternate squares and a good sized border.  A little sorting and arranging yields two quilts.  It wouldn't take long to use the extra fabrics to make in between blocks.  That would be a nice afternoons work. 
Wait a minute, I was going to finish off the postage stamps, wasn't I?  It's Halloween and the kids all want to go decorate and carve pumpkins.   It's Sunday and laundry is calling my name.  I guess I should just stop spinning around, pick a direction and go forward. 


jillquilts said...

While it is great to have so many options, sometimes it is a bit debilitating to have that many options! I have that problem. lol

LuAnn said...

I love the postage stamp, and it looks huge in the photo. Love your other quilts, too. I understand the getting carried away when you see things on others blogs, too. I want to do it all.

Micki said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the postage stamp one...lovely colours!

Tracy said...

I love the quilts...sadly I never even got started on Amy's BOM! I had good intentions...but I also have the same problem with trying to decide what to do!

Barb said...

What wonderful quilts!!