Friday, November 5, 2010


Last week a couple of the neighbors were getting new trees put in.  Last winter was unusually cold and there were lots of dead palm trees around the block.  What started as a couple of trees to replace the dead ones, ended up as a whole landscaping package with rocks and edging and shrubs.  It is done now just in time for it to get cold again.
The air has taken on a definite flavor of fall, motivating us all to pull out our jackets and long sleeved shirts.  There was not a single child at the bus stop this morning in pants that fit.  Everyone was wearing last years clothes, leaving lots of sock and ankle showing. I guess we'll do some wardrobe organization this weekend. 
Last night I used a couple of hours of evening time after the kids were in bed to continue sorting through my scraps. I still have a stack of shirts from the Goodwill clearance center that I was using to cut tumbler blocks with my GO cutter. I'm not ready to start sewing them together yet, but they will be ready next time I want to start a new scrap project. The basket is getting emptier, little bit by little bit.


blauraute said...

Your house looks very nice with the new palm trees.
I'm very interested in your new project and waiting for the first pictures.
Now I'm going in my sewingroom to do some stitcheries.
Greetings from Germany to Florida

Darling Jill Quilts said...

The landscaping looks great!! And way to go on the scrap cutting!

LuAnn said...

Angela, your home is beautiful; and the new palms definitely add to the curb appeal (I've been watching too much HGTV):-) You are motivating me to keep working up my scraps....and there are so many of them here. I have a tumbler quilt on my list, too. Postage stamp quilt first though!!!

Retrogirl said...

The landscaping looks incredible! I had to laugh at the comment about kids in last years clothes...I've had the new winter stuff on standby since school started. Ah the midwest, gotta love it!