Friday, June 10, 2011

B Backlog

I got the quilting done on Meredith's T-Shirt quilt and trimmed it up in time to get a quick photo before the sun when down.  I've just got the binding sewn on and am pinning it to finish it off.  I'm trying the binding by machine this time, to sew it by hand would probably double the hours spent on the rest of the quilt.  I've got a list of the time spent, so I'll add it up as soon as it is done done.  I've  been powering through this one and trying not to get caught up on any of my usual stumbling steps.  As I cleared out the study today I found A LOT of quilts patiently waiting for borders or backing.  Thankfully by the time binding comes around I can see the end in sight and usually make it through.  Does anyone else get bogged down by the Bs?
The girls came home from camp today with all of their artwork for the week.  I usually take a photo of them with their creations to preserve them for posterity.  They were off to play as soon as they got home again though, so I'll have to try again tomorrow.  Sydney is at a slumber party and the other two have been fast asleep for a while now.  I think Kurt will follow soon enough, he isn't quite recovered from his red eye yet.  I so enjoy the evenings when everything is quiet and peaceful. 


Melinda said...

Great job getting that quilt finished. It looks wonderful. Your sewing room looks wonderful also. Doesn't it feel great to get that kind of job behind you? Bravo.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

The colors blend so well together. What a fun keepsake to have made for someone.
I see so many PROS about sewing binding on by machine; quicker and stronger. Hand-sewing ONLY happens if I think the quilt will be a "show" quilt, otherwise....machine binding it is.

Can't wait to see what you work on next; hopefully your tidying will have motivated you to finish up some of those B & B's :0)

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh's the border procrastination that gets me every time...I can't decide and don't want to sew those long uncooperative seams and I just put the project in the closet. Once I get to the binding stage, I love it!

JoQuilter said...

I too, do not like long borders so I have decided not to put borders on my quilts (when possible). My motto is: Blocks to the edge, just like they used to do! Sometimes it fun to change the color in the blocks so in the end you have a built in border.

avaland said...

This looks great. I have a huge tub of my three kids' T-shirts, but my plan is to someday make quilts using differently-sized T-shirt blocks. Of course, this is why the shirts and cut-outs are in a bucket -- I have decided how to do it (and whether they'd really want one of these). The kids are 31, 28 & 26! (maybe I've waited too long!)