Saturday, June 11, 2011

B-Utiful Day

Whilst cleaning the study I collected and organized all of the quilts in progress that are to the flimsy stage.  most of them are waiting for borders.  After sorting them into order of priority, I decided to get started on the purple and green quilt which is going to be called Lilac Potpourri.
 Lizzie was right there to help of course.  I can't quilt without some sort of company or help. 
Borders were up first.  An inner striped section first and a wider patterned border after that. 
The backing used most of the extra fabric, and a bit of green from the stash to help stretch it out.
Even the binding is ready to go -- more of the stripe to go with the inner border. I think I'll go ahead and load it on the frame, and then chip away at the next on the list.
Sydney came back from her slumber party all tired and out of sorts, Ryan and Anna are playing at friends.  Kurt is doing projects around the house -- so nice to have a quiet Saturday at home.  


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

PERFECT time of year to be working on a "Lilac Potpourri" quilt :0) Love the blocks and top; perfect border fabrics to tie it all together.

~Niki~ said...

i have so many UFO's to tackle. It's overwhelming. you're more on the ball tham me. lol.

gardenpat said...

We must be on the same wave length!! I just got up my nerve a few days ago to actually count my UFOs! Even though I have completed 12 since January, I still have 32 left! EEK!! But, since Monday, I have completed 1 and am putting in the last row of quilting and will bind the next one (a twin size) tonight!! Have to do more than 1 a week if I want to finish them in 2011!! But, realistically, I will probably add more to the stack before 2011 ends!! lol!

Ann Marie said...

I try to always finish the flimsy and the back using up the scraps before putting it aside.......I need me a quilting frame, so they don't sit there for years to get quilted!