Monday, June 6, 2011

Break Before Borders

Unlike Amy who was whipping out quilt tops before breakfast, some of us take a bit more time to come up with a flimsy.  First up this morning I got the girls off to surf camp, after that it was down to get Ryan from swim team.  Ashyln had one more shirt to add to the quilt, in place of one of the backs.  Then Ryan and I headed out for exciting errands.  We needed to drop forms off at the doctors office and pick up a "rash guard" for Anna to wear at surf camp.  I must admit that when I saw rash guard on the list I thought it was some sort of lotion.  I guess I'm pretty illiterate about surfing for someone who lives in Florida.  After lunch I ran out to the bookstore to pick up summer workbooks for the kids that had been special ordered.  So FINALLY, by 1:30 I was ready to settle down and start sewing the blocks together.  It is just 6 now and the borders will be ready to go on right after dinner.  Not quite the speed of light, but not bad for a 30 block quilt with sashings and cornerstones. Ignore the fact that the quilt is upside down.  Blogger is being difficult and dinner beckons. 


Brenda Kay said...

The t-shirt quilt looks fabulous. I have had many request to make some. Guess I'm gonna have to look into the process soon.

Andee said...

Amy does make it look so effortless! I am on vacation and really missing my sewing catching up on blogs so I feel like something quilty is happening!