Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Meandering

 Lilac Potpourri is loaded on the frame and the first little bit of quilting is started.  I did a pattern earlier in a double bubble kind of thing, this is a variation of that with a pointy outer bubble to look like leaves.  It is kind of hard to see with the lime green thread, it really blends in well.
 Kurt hung up the tiki masks that the girls painted at surf and art camp.  I think they look really nice next to the pool.
I tried to talk Ryan into making one as well.  Kurt even saved a palm stem when he trimmed the trees this weekend.  Ryan doesn't want to though, so it is just the two masks for now. 
I don't want to fold the postage stamps up and let it get wrinkled so that it needs to be ironed again.  Instead it is just going to hang out on the floor of the formal living room until Lilac Potpourri is ready to come off of the frame.
I am really lucky that Kurt isn't the kind of husband that comments when he comes home and trips over a quilt on the floor.  I know some ladies who rush home to get everything tidied up before their husbands get home for the day.  Hard to imagine living like that.  I will make sure it all gets picked up before company comes this weekend.  Seems reasonable enough to me. 

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Jessica said...

Looks great so far - can't wait to see it all quilted and wrinkly from the wash :)