Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Utility Day

Does anyone else have a spouse incapable of telling "good" towels from garage towels and rags?  I celebrated my 17th anniversary a few days ago and still can't get my husband to understand the difference between the two.  I get a little peeved when he takes one of a matched set to dry the car, but nothing compares to the surprise of finding yourself drying off with something that was sopping up spilled paint last week.  I understand that there is a certain area of gray, and the cycle of rotation can lead to ambiguity, but it just isn't something I have managed to communicate in all of our long years together. 
Faced a stack of t-shirt backs that I was incapable of tossing out and a stack of old towels I was trying to keep out of the linen cupboard, I took out my rotary cutter and started cutting them into nicely sized squares. 
 While working on those, I was inspired to make some new covers for the floor duster and steam mop.  They each came with a single cover, but it never seems to be clean when you need it, so now I've got a whole stack of extras. 
Because it was just that sort of day, I took the kids out for haircuts.  Although I got a "before" picture, they all scattered again before I could do the "afters".  Then we went for lunch and made a trek to Wal-mart for birthday presents needed for upcoming parties.  I tried to sneak a quick stop into Hobby Lobby in there, but the girls all came up with a list of things they "needed" so I put that off until tomorrow.  I have a coupon so that I can get some more interfacing and make some progress on the t-shirt quilt. 


Ann Marie said...

i take all the old towels and cut them in half long ways, then each strip into 3 if they are a bath towel, f they are hand towels, they get cut in half and the RAGS are all kept in the laundry room, if it is in there in the cupboard, you can use it, otherwise use your own shirt, and i dont want to hear about it.

Sue Daurio said...

yep I really think it's a guy thing. My husband does the same. Not only can he not tell the difference between a "good" towel vs a "you can use this in your garage towel" but he can't distinguish between a kitchen towel (none of which are terry cloth - most have my cute little appliques on them) and hand towel for the bath room (all of which are terry cloth and no cute decorations). Funny, does he not notice my hard work :) But hey, if that's the worse thing they do, I say we are doing very well!

Love what you did with the old towels, definitely going to give that a try.

floribunda... aka Julie said...

And there's the question of "when does that bath towel needed to be laundered?" which is the issue in my house.

I had a roommate years ago who topped all of this, though. She used my big soup pot for draining the oil from her car! One day I found it sitting in the driveway and whe I confronted her about she said "well you never complained about it before..." aaargh!

LuAnn said...

I've been married 38 years, and I guess we just have to face the fact that this is a guy thing. The one that gets me is when he takes one of my nice guest towels to the gym. Oh, I know they will wash, but there are the ones that either get lost or stay out in his car to be used later for the windshield. I suppose that we should just feel thankful that they aren't going into our quilting things and taking big pieces of our stash to use.

Candace said...

My DH doesn't necessarily 'care' if it's good when he's in the mood to do some work, but if the not nice ones are closer to his work area he'll use them. He's not one to go far if near is available. Also, if he knows this shelf is ok and this one isn't and the ok is closer and handier, the good ones are probably safe, lol.