Friday, October 28, 2011

So Close

The plan was to add a yellow border at 3.5 inches because it was the same size as the basic block unit in this quilt, then to add a wider green border to make it all fit onto the bed.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of the green, leading to another 3.5 inch border instead.  So now I still need to do something to make it just a wee bit bigger.  It will fit on the bed and even hang over the edge like this, but it would have to be carefully arranged in order to cover all the edges every morning, so I'd rather add on a few more inches.  I don't want to add another green or yellow, but a green and yellow print might work, or maybe a brown and green print, or even a solidish brown to frame the whole thing?  What do you think?


Michele, a distracted quilter said...

I like the idea of a green and yellow print. I think that's why I like multi-coloured florals... it's often my easiest way out.

Amanda said...

I'd go for that brightish green that you have in the quilt, it would really add a zingy border that would frame the whole quilt beautifully.