Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Quilt

 Someone at work is having a baby.  There is a shower in a couple of weeks and I thought it would be nice to make a quilt.  I had a blue snowball flimsy done from last years rainbow scrap challenge, but decided to check the registry just in case.  I knew she was having a boy, but didn't know what colors they had chosen.  The registry was at Target, and it was full of sage and brown.  I guess sage and brown is what is popular for baby boys these days, because the last shower I went to for a baby boy was almost identical.  That quilt was a big hit, but I thought I should do something a little different this time.  I've got all the blocks done and they are sitting in the machine now, about half sewn together.  I got the pattern idea from a jelly roll book, though a pattern doesn't seem necessary to think of four patches with cornerstones.
I was happy to get a little time in to sew after piano lessons and Girl Scouts but before our afternoon outing to Fun Town for unlimited laser tag and roller skating.  We met Kurt for a quick dinner break from work so that he had a chance to see the kids for a bit.  It is so odd for him to be working such long hours, but the deadline for his project is coming up soon and things should be back to normal soon. 


Miss 376 said...

Lovely quilt top, looks like it's fairly quick to put together. I am sure they will love it

Ellen said...

I do like the colour scheme and I think your layout looks great!

Lynne said...

Sage and brown - that's novel. In the shops here it all seems to be pink, blue or the occasional lemon!