Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its a Tortoise

Just when I was sure nobody was going to guess, Deb came in with the right answer.  We are getting a tortoise!  I have a student who breeds them, and he has been asking since the hamster died last year if we wanted one for a pet.  I did a little reading and was a bit concerned about the LARGE size of the species that he breeds. He finally won me over though, by letting me know that he would be happy to take it back when it gets too big to be a class pet.  Given the slow growth rate, that shouldn't happen for a number of years, but I like to have a plan in place.  I hope I'm not emotionally involved by then and redecorating my back yard to accommodate another pet at home. 
Last night was back to school night.  The one where parents go around to all the classes and you give the welcome back speech.  My good friend Meisje was there doing her daughter's schedule as was my husband, doing Anna's schedule.  It is so strange to see people I know outside of school starting to populate my workplace.  It all seems out of context at first, but then it is so nice to see so many familiar friendly faces roaming around all day. 
Speaking of work, I am drowning in it tonight.  It would be nice to get all caught up before the weekend so that I can get some serious sewing machine time logged.  My running has completely disappeared from the radar since school started as well, so I should do something about that soon.  I am checking up on blogs as I can, though the commenting has decreased temporarily.  All will be back to normal soon -- whatever that means these days:)


Andee said...

You will have to keep us posted on the tortoise! Hope you get caught up and ahead on work soon so you can sew too. You have been missing the nightly sew with Bonnie!

Deb said...

Woo Hoo! That was fun. Good to have a plan in place for when it gets too big. I hope things settle into a new routine for you soon. Have fun sewing tonight!

Kate said...

What a fun thing for class. It would seem strange to start seeing the children of friends come through work.

Lynne said...

What fun for your students. A chance to get close up and personal with a non-mammal!