Monday, September 15, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Ribbons

I saw this cute block on Pinterest linked to someone's flicker page. It was called "cute block". Really? I think it looks like woven ribbons. It is just a slight modification of four patches really, but put together with clever color combinations.
Choose 4 different shades or patterns of orange.  I chose almost solids.  For the contrasting corners I used yellow.  You could also use a light orange or neutral background shade.
For each of your four oranges, cut one square that is 2 x 2 and one rectangle that is 2 by 3.5 inches.
From your yellow or background fabric, cut 4 squares, each 2 x 2.
Start by sewing each orange square into a two patch with a yellow square.  There is really no way to mess this part up, so don't worry about color arrangement quite yet.
Now is the time to fuss over color placement.  Each shade of orange goes on the same horizontal or vertical plane, interrupted by a different rectangle running on the perpendicular plane.  The yellow squares form the four outer corners of the block.  Sew each two patch to an orange rectangle to make your modified four patch unit.

Now lay everything out and make sure you have the color placement just right.  Notice that the dark and medium oranges both form straight horizontal lines interrupted by the light oranges which are both running vertically, but "woven" in where they cross in the center of the block.  Make sure your background squares stay in the outer corners.  
Now sew your four patches together to get your final block.  Really a simple one to put together if you can just get your colors placed properly.  It only took me three tries.  Hope you get right your first time!


  1. Great block -- and if I could take one word out of the quilter's lexicon, it would be CUTE. There are so many other words that could be used . . . sigh.

  2. Love that woven look.
    Thanks for the tut.

  3. Alright that is cute! But I can see why you have to get the placement right. I need to see if I have that in my Block base so I can see what a whole quilt will look like.

  4. Love the look. Will need to try this later.

  5. It is a good blocks. Looks easy to make if you are careful about colour

  6. What a cute little block! But I do agree they could have come up with a more interesting name :)


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