Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy June

It is starting to feel like summer around here.  Now that June has arrived, it is time to put the greens away and start playing with Yellow!  I know that yellow can be a tricky color, but a little bit does a lot to brighten up a quilt.  Come back on Saturday to see what yellow scraps have come out to play.  


  1. Look at me!! I guessed correctly!!!

  2. My yellow thimble block is done and is so cheery. I do not use a lot of yellow. Maybe I should use more.

  3. I did have some trouble at first finding enough yellow for my lawn chair quilt. You are right. Yellow is a tricky color. After I got my white strips sewed on each side of the yellow, it looked so fresh so I was glad I used it. I had wanted a brighter color, but this will do just fine.

    I know you are glad to get a school break.

  4. I have to get a move on! April was busy, May was wonderful at the beginning, got horrible in the middle and then ended a little happier. Now June...I'm hoping June will bring me some peace and rejuvenation and sewing...I need to sew! I have April and May to do, June to do and a month's worth of another project to do and one to start. (Job security here!)
    Send me some sewing good thoughts please????

  5. I have lots of yellow. I got started on a few blocks tonight. Enjoy your summer vacation.


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