T-Shirt Quilts

Ryan's t-shirt quilt.   
Quilting Ryan's t-shirt quilt.  He chose black and grey as sashing and cornerstones.   
Stabilized Shirts ready to sew together.  We pieced together the front and backs from his elementary school shirts with all the names of students in his class.   Small logos got collected together into one block.  

Planning the initial layout and choosing shirts.  Ryan had very strong feelings about which shirts were worthy of inclusion.  
Katherine's t-shirt quilt.  She wanted "girlier" colors than her brothers.   
Steven went with a green and yellow theme.   

This was an in progress shot for a quilt for a friend of a friend.  She rough cut and stabilized the quilts before she sent them to me, which save so much time.  Ironing and cutting seem to take the bulk of the effort.  

Miranda chose bright and happy colors with LOTS of shirts.   It was HUGE.  
This one was for Daniel.  He wanted masculine color and a plaid backing.   
This was my first t-shirt quilt. It was all of the shirts for races leading up to my first marathon.   I still use it every day.   

Links to t-shirt quilt tutorials for those who want to make their own

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