Saturday, January 1, 2022

Button for 2022


I am finally getting around to making a new button for RSC2022.   Step one is to post a photo of the image so that you can use that in the HTML code.   I will be back shortly with a "grab my button widget" in the right hand margin.  

I think the grab my button is working now.  The nifty widget that I had used in years past isn't working anymore, but I found another version at Ryu No Sekai that lets you paste in your links to existing html


  1. Did I miss the color for January?

  2. already got started on my first RSC for 22 yesterday - thanks for doing this - it has really gotten me into my boxes of scraps over the last couple of years.

  3. Go for red! Thank you for hosting the fun challenge in 2022 ;))

  4. Thanks, Angela! I'm late to today's party so was able to add your new button to the top of the page. Yay!! :o))


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