Saturday, May 13, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Orange you Glad?

 Looking forward to seeing lots of happy oranges.  Everything in my sewing room is a disaster right now.  Kurt is putting built in shelves into the wall under the stairs and two children are home form college, dropping off all of the detritus from dorms and apartments into my sewing space and the spot where I usually put my car in the garage.  So my car is outside getting salty and getting to my sewing machine is a dusty obstacle course.   Still, somewhere in there are my orange scraps!  I am looking forward to finding them and reclaiming at least some of my new sewing space.  

How are your scraps coming along this month?  Misterlinky is below.  Please share your progress.  



  1. So sorry it's tough to sew right now! Your post made me smile, remembering similar days of family chaos and fun. Thanks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge every week!

  2. sounds like a busy time in your house today. I have no orange to share but I am still working on two rsc quilts, one on the hand quilting frame and one in blocks on the table (just not orange!)

  3. We are going through the same thing - one son is coming home for awhile in between jobs. Trying to figure out where my sewing room will be! I'm sure it will out work out, though. Have a great weekend, Angela!

  4. Sounds like a rough weekend for you. Just as you would need the tranquillity of your sewing room, it is out of commission. May you find a little corner in time and space to sew a few stitches. Happy Mother's Day. ;^)

  5. It's so nice to have the college kids home, but boy does it may for a lot of chaos! Hopefully you can clear a path soon and have some time for stitching.


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