Saturday, June 3, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Baby Blues and Greens

 I hope that you made great progress on orange and are ready to move on to some nice pastels for a change of pace.  Orange is never a large volume color for me, but blue and green are quite the opposite.  Hopefully by having another chance to focus on the lighter end of the blue and green bins we can all keep up with the supply.  

Kurt and I went hiking and camping last weekend for our anniversary and for my birthday.  Yes, we got married on my birthday, it was my mom's birthday as well.  I always hoped that one of the girl would have been born on my birthday to keep the tradition going, but it just never worked out that way.  It was perfect hiking weather and nicely cool for summer in Florida so that we could enjoy a campfire at night.  
It is looking like a rainy weekend in Florida, which makes quality sewing room time just the perfect plan.



  1. Happy anniversary & happy birthday! We got married the day after my birthday.

  2. Happy birthday and happy anniversary! That sounds like a fun way to celebrate. Have a great weekend, whatever you do!

  3. I don't know why my thumbnail photo always comes in side ways but this is one of the RSC quilt tops I started last year and getting together this year- it will be queen size

  4. I’m looking forward to diving into the scrap bins this month. I do like your special day story. My Grandmother and her sister had a double wedding and then both had their first child on the same day, which just happened to be my Grandmother’s birthday as well. It’s fun having those special connections.


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