Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Light Bulls-Eye

1.5 inch squares - 2 white, 1 dark
3.5 inch strips - 2 white, 2 dark
5.5 inch strips - 2 white, 2 dark
7.5 inch strips - 2 light

Here are all 13 pieces in a blow up of the layout. 
Start with a dark square and sew a white square to either side.  Press away from the red.   

Add a 3.5 inch strip of white to either side of your center unit.   This completes round 1
Start round 2 by sewing red 3.5 inch strips to the top and bottom of the completed round 1.   
Add 5.5 inch strips of red to either side to finish round 2.   Continue to press away from the center
Begin round 3 by sewing 5.5 inch strips of white to the top and bottom of your center square.   
End the block with 7.5 inch strips of white sewn to either side of your center unit.


  1. Nice block what size is it finished

  2. Good tutorial and beach photos, thanks for sharing!

  3. Loving your Bull's Eyes! I might steal! :)

  4. Oh my goodness you're doing some tedious sewingšŸ¤£ luv the little blocks!

  5. Nice little tutorial. I have some of that red swirl fabric. And the ant fabric adds a little whimsy. The block turned out very precise and attractive.


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