Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Little Bit at a Time

I finally found the mental energy today to pull out my Sister's Choice Quilt for Mom. We're going to be headed up for Thanksgiving and I really need to take the finished quilt when we go. I think that things are starting to settle into a pattern around here. It is not a relaxing pattern, but it is at least becoming predictable. It's not just that I am busier at work these days, I counted on that. It is also that the kids are also getting busier. Piano, sports and cheer-leading happen during aftercare, but the gymnastics, ice skating, football, chess and scouts still take up most of the evenings and weekends. It is all good stuff, but finding time to sit in front of a sewing machine isn't always possible. Maybe I should find some handwork to satisfy my creative urges for a while?
Anyway, I pieced a back today at 120x120 inches to have a bit of a cushion for the 114x114 Sisters Choice top! This flimsy is ginormous! I fit it to the bed though, so that is the size it should be. I also did a bit of clearing out in the guest bedroom, so I can set it up to sew again. I'm sure that will make it easier to pop in for a few minutes when I am feeling the urge. I have enough batting on hand, but it will have to be pieced together to fit. I should be able to start the basting tomorrow if all goes well. Kurt is going to be out of town for a conference, so I won't feel at all guilty about having it out for a while. I hope I have enough safety pins.
I am feeling a little bummed about falling off the UFO a month challenge. I can still hop back on the wagon for October, but I've completely missed August and September. Still, I feel good about having finished 7 UFOs so far. Maybe next year I'll make it a 10 month challenge in recognition of the fact that things are pretty busy at the beginning of the school year.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Still a Quilter?

I recently went on facebook and asked a simple question, "How long can you go without running and still call yourself a runner?" Now I'm starting to think the same about quilting. Girl Scout paperwork has taken over the desk where my sewing machine used to sit. I did run yesterday, but the quilting is still on a bit of a hiatus. I keep thinking that things will settle down -- I keep thinking it will be soon. This is a short week at school. We've combined the PSAT with parent conferences and teacher in-services to have a nice long weekend for the kids. Maybe this will be my chance. The quarter has just ended and so grading is up to date. Maybe I'll take a stitch or two soon. Not tonight, I have a meeting, or tomorrow, that is Girl Scouts, then Wednesday is football, but I don't have to go. Maybe that will my chance. I'll send the girls along to cheer and get out Mom's Sister's Choice to baste. It has to be done before Thanksgiving. I'd better get going.